Xavi Coll

CPO, operations, & suppliers

Climber. Filmmaker. Paragliding pilot.

Partnering with Rek was the right decision as we understand the mountains in the same way.

With Kookoo we want to transmit the values of respect for the environment and local cultures, so we want to contribute to climbing by donating part of our profits to preserve the equipment in many of the areas where we climb.

I started climbing when I was 16 years old, and I have always liked taking friends for climbing and discovering new areas, many of which have become my home in a way.

With KooKoo we aim to transmit the same good vibes as when we take friends to climb our favorite crag. We want to make it an unforgettable experience.

Working as a filmmaker and directing climbing movies on a regular basis, has allowed me to see a large part of the World with a lot of potential to develop our way of living and feeling the nature to the fullest.


So do not be shy to drop us on message in a section GET IN TOUCH, or on WhatsApp.

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