Hazel Findlay climbs 'Esclatamasters' 9a in Catalunya

Hazel Findlay climbs Escalamasters 9a


Congratulations to Hazel Findlay for becoming the second British climber to send a 9a, Esclatamasters in Perles, Catalunya.

‍According to her "Alongside the physical training I really focused on having a positive mindset. I didn't succeed everyday and it was difficult at the start of the trip when we weren't climbing well. But yesterday really felt like a no-fear ascent and that became my mantra for the final section of the route."Hazel becomes part of the 9a club and we wish her many more equally inspiring sends this year.The route was first climbed by Ramon Julian and after him also Seb BoubinMagnus Midtbø and Anak Verhoeven who climbed it twice in one day.

Perles is one of the most beautiful areas of Alt Urgell in the north of Catalonia and in recent times it has gained a lot of popularity thanks to routes such as Escalamasters.

Besides her ascent of Escalamasters, she has lots of impressive climbs 'Golden Gate' 5.13a (F7c+), 'The Book of Hate' (5.13+) and the second ascent of 'The Pre-Muir' (5.13+)

                            Hazel in Mind Control 8c in Oliana. Photo: © Chris Prescott

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