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The trips are usually between 6 to 12 people, depending on the location, activity, and type of accomodation. You will meet new friends, and become a part of a climbing community. Bring your guitar and BBQ cookbook!

Depending on the trip you will be accompanied with a local expert, a driver, or a climbing guide when required. The trips may be designed for intermediate or advanced climbers. We expect all climbers to be fairly self-reliant, and while we will go through the safety with everyone, these trips are not aimed to teach you the basics.

Moreover, we welcome families, groups, and couples in our trips! 

Our trips are usually designed for 6 - 12 people, depending on the destination and activity. 

While some level of general fitness and climbing ability is desirable for you to make most of the trip, there are no limits. We select destinations for the beauty of climbing rather than their difficulty. Most areas are easily accesible from the accomodations or a parking area.

We also consider that climbing every day is strenous. Fun activities are on offer for days off, and some accomodations offer swimming pool, others camel rides, or a hike to explore local magic. Others are near bars to enjoy some local loco-loco fun. 

Sure thing! Join us for a fun trip with fellow climbers to explore amazing climbs! Whether a seasoned climber, or someone who wants to start climbing outdoors, come with us! 

Sure, just message us for a 5% discount!

We are offering a range of discounts and promotions at any given time! Follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts and don't miss out. 

We appreciate that organising a trip for a larger group might be easier for us, so if you are planning a birthday party, company trip, school trip, or stag party, get in touch with us on whatsapp or email us.

We can organise a trip taylored to your needs! 

Of course! Old, young, thick, thin, we are all part of One. One Climbing community, beautiful in variety. Please, do not hesitate a second to come and join us. 

This is largely dependent on location and type of accomodation. Our accomodations offer a range of shared, and double rooms. We appreciate that people have different requirements, get in touch in regards to your specific booking and we can inform you about available options. 

Once the trip is confirmed by the guide, the cancellation policy stated below applies.

    • If Client cancels the Booking anytime prior to one hundred twenty (120) calendar days in advance of the trip contemplated by the booking, Client is entitled to a full refund.
    • For cancellations ninety (90) to one hundred nineteen (119) calendar days in advance, Client is entitled to a refund in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the total amount paid when Booking.
    • For cancellations seventy-five (75) to eighty nine (89) calendar days in advance, Client is entitled to a refund in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total amount paid when Booking.
    • After that deadline, Client is not entitled to any refund. Any reimbursable expenses arising out of the Booking incurred by Guide prior to the date of cancellation (including but not limited to plane tickets, car rental payments, and lodging or transportation fees) are non-refundable as soon as they are incurred by the Guide.

Be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter - in case of cancelations, we will inform our community about an available spot on an upcoming trip.

Also, our trips run many times, just select another date! Alternatively, look for a different destination on the same dates. 

Absolutely! There is no travelling without experiencing the local culture. You can choose to spend your free time on your own, or doing some of the activities organised by us. Furthermore, rest days are part of your trip schedule.How long before my trip starts should I arrive?What type of lugguage should I bring?Do I need to bring a sleeping bag and roll-mat?Can I bring my own tent?

Ideally, you want to arrive at the airport in the destination in the morning hours. However, you may plan to join us as part of your ongoing travel - and that is completely fine. Just let us know whether you meet us at designated time and meeting point or later at the accomodation. We will ask you to clarify this as part of the booking process. This does not affect the price of the holiday package. 

We expect our travellers to have appropriate climbing equipment. That includes haul bags, hiking back packs (60-80 litres), and day bags (20-30 litres). This enables you to transfer and travel comfortably. What we would not recommend is carrying around wheeled suitcases and fancy handbags.

On that note, we expect our travellers to bring maximum of two bags, which they can travel with comfortably on their own powers. Sherpas carrying your luggage around are not incorporated in services included in the packagges. 

Again, up to you. We personally like to occasionally get out of the comfort zone, and perhaps stay one night on a nearby peak to fully experience the sunset and sunrise. But there is no obligation, and you will always have a bed available. 

That is a good idea if you plan to stay somewhere on your own. However, during our trip, that is not required or necessary. 

Each of our trips include a Public Liability insurance.

Our insurance covers accidents when Kookoo is responsible for them. However, it is recommended that customers purchase their own travel/accident polices for the activities, since in case of negligence on the part of the client, Kookoo's insurance would not cover an accident. Check details for each trip or get in touch if anything is unclear. Personal climbing insurance might be desirable, especially if you have any special needs. 

We recommend the Mountaineering Scotland membership for UK residents, since it lasts a whole year and only costs £37.95 covering all kinds of mountain activities, and also has a wide range of discounts in hostels, mountain stores, etc.

Check Mountaineering Scotland.

No, we do not sell flights. Getting to and from the destination of your choice is entirely up to you. This also gives you the freedom to join our trip as part of your ongoing travel. 

We believe in your own judgement in this manner. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your local doctor and medical authorities depending on your country of origin. Ask your shaman, smoke a pipe of peace with your elders. Whatever works. 

Depending on location, some of our trips include full board, others are self-catering based. Check the details for every trip. 

Some of the accomodations provided will allow for safe storage, and your local contact will explain that upon arrival. However, common sense applies. It is recommended to keep eyes on your belonging while exploring local cities. Take the usual precautions you would take in your home city. 

Yes, the trips are safe. We have done them. But keep in mind that we are in the extreme sport industry. Make sure that you know what you are doing, do not hesitate to ask questions, and keep yourself and others save. 



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