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Climbing in the Sun, Having BBQs in the evening, sharing experience with likeminded people. Sounds good? Have a read if our trips are for You!


Hi! We are Rek & Xavi from KooKoo Climb. Let's talk about whether coming with us on a trip is for You. We know that booking your holiday can be a big deal, so we want to make sure you are making the right choice. We do not want to waste your time or money and we do not want you to be disappointed. We do climbing trips, and occasionally canyoning or mountaineering trips. Are you unsure what that means and whether this is for you or not? We can help with that. There are things you need to clarify for yourself. Ready? Let's go!

Jan climbing with KooKoo in Con Cuarto Basta (6a+) Sax, Costa Blanca

Sport Holidays, an Active Way to Relax

To start with the basics, this holiday will probably involve a lot of climbing. Or canyoning. Or mountaineering. Maybe waking up early to see the sunrise. Maybe jumping down a waterfall. Maybe walking up a mountain for the sunset. Do you love these things as much as we do? Then this is the right place for you! Well, this is how we do holidays. We believe that an active holiday is the best way to relax and get away from the stress and buzz of daily life. Go somewhere where the air is fresh, water is pure, where you can smell the trees, hear the water gurgling and birds chirping. If we get really lucky, we might not get any phone reception at all... But most places nowadays are very well covered.

Does it mean that I must do Sports all the time?

Not at all! While some of the trips have a more rigid schedule, and others provide more freedom to choose where to climb on the day (due to either transport, environment, or because we have an amazing plan in place!), it's your holiday - you are wearing the captain's hat! Take a rest day, go hiking instead, or take the car and drive to a cool crag in a different valley. Up to you.

Okay, so You are into sports, probably to do with ropes and mountains. Great! Next.


Should you go on holidays on your own, with a friend, or with KooKoo? There are advantages to each option. And while everyone needs to be alone now and then, isn't it right that the best things are shared? When you join us, you are joining a world-wide community of climbers and mountaineers. Be ready to join a trip of 8-12 like-minded people. Together, we will explore amazing (now, I mean this), spectacular places. Some of the world's best climbing destinations.

What does a community mean day-to-day? It means that you may share a room, or a house. It means that maybe you share a car, that you have to agree where to go climbing and where to eat. That you become a team. You wake up at similar time, climb together, and eat together. That, together, you get to enjoy the sun, the sand, the rock and water; help each other to climb well, catch each other's falls. Ah, I can't wait for my next climbing trip already! Are you just as excited?

Do I need to be alone to come on trip?

Group of Climbers Trading up in the Lake District. Look at the dramatic weather!

Nope. Join us as a group of friends, as a couple, or come by yourself. In fact, are you planning holiday as a family with children? Come join us! All are welcome. Community is about integration, and we love to involve everyone. As they say, Each One Teach One. For more questions, drop us a message and we will be able to advise you which trip would suit you best.

So, climbing in the sun, having BBQs in the evening, sharing experience with some likeminded people sounds good? Moving on!


Matous climbing with Rek from KooKoo on one of our early trips. Route Missing Link (E3 6b+) at Racó del Corb, Costa Blanca


Hassle Free, with the Best Experience Guarantee

So, you are into climbing (or canyoning, or mountaineering...) and you want to have a trip with a group. The next part is to start looking into where to go. When it comes to climbing, the World is truly, your oyster. There are many types of rock, many incredible crags, many choices and options. Many types of climbing. You start reading about things such as sport, trad, off-width, alpine. Once you find what you would like, you can start looking for accomodation. Get yourself nicely centered near the good climbing locations and close to local facilities. Finally, how you are going to get around. All this can be really exciting for someone, and for others it involves a lot of reading, searching... and making mistakes. OR you can rest, and leave it to us. The time you save, you can enjoy climbing instead!

The trips you see on our website are the places we at KooKoo have fallen in love with. We have a personal relationship with the locations, the accommodations, the food (oh yes the Food!), and the guides there are our friends. So we pulled everything together to create an experience We want to have! Now, this is not just a phrase to us. We put you in place to enjoy the World's best climbing, and to share it with friends. We offer you our local knowledge and guidance to make the most of your trip, whatever your climbing level.

What do I have to do?

Book the trip, book the flights, get to know new friends, and meet us on the Wall!

Fair Prices

Our trips are for a good price. Period. And there is a reason for that.

We offer amazing trips at better-than-market price. Our trips give you the opportunity to climb a lot, while also to get to know the local area, culture, the food, and the people. That is because we want you to come with us. There is no climbing community without its climbers.

The price is competitive because we have partnered with the good locals. You will see that all people involved in our trips are doing it from the bottom of their hearts. This might be just a marketing slogan for others, but in Climbing, that's how it is. How could it not be? You are in nature, helping others to enjoy what you love.

Giving back to crags and routes

The final part of this is to let you know that it is you that brings growth to the local climbing areas and improve the climbing infrastructure. We give part of our earnings to the local communities, and help them to re-bolt and improve. Improve what? We want to make sure that all routes are safe and the bolts are in good condition so you can trust them and you can really push your limits, or maybe you are looking to join us to some more faraway adventures where we help to make sure that the climbing areas are clean of loose rocks or that the approach paths are good; these are all parts of the local climbing infrastructure. This is our way of giving back to the community we love.

We found this beauty on Peñón de Ifach on an "Easy V+ Well Protected" 

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